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Novation’s Period 4 National Group Buys Available Through Dec. 31

Novation’s National Group Buys program offers significant savings and value-added benefits to our members and affiliates. The current Period 4 program features 49 product categories and runs through Dec. 31, 2015. GE Healthcare is this period’s focus supplier, offering its capital and diagnostic imaging equipment in 12 categories at up to… More >

Our Employees Share Their Time and Talent during Community Day

VHA and UHC held a combined day of employee volunteering, Community Day, on Oct 13. Companywide, almost 1,000 employees participated at 21 sites across the country including Chicago and Irving, Texas as well as regional offices. “Each of our companies has a rich history ... More>

Clinical/Care Delivery


VHA’s Wagner Shares Strategies to Solve Five Common Workflow Bottlenecks in Physician Practices

How do you identify and solve patient access and physician practice efficiency challenges while also meeting payer requirements? For some ideas, read an article by Rose Wagner, R.N., M.H.S., FACMPE, lead consultant for MDS Consulting, a VHA Business ... More>
Diagram of ideal care

VHA Helps You Identify a Gap between Current Performance and Leading Practices

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Same is true with a VHA Leading Practice Blueprint®. The blueprints use a visual story format that can reveal possible “gaps” by comparing a hospital’s existing practices to a leading practice. In 2007, VHA created blueprints as an innovative ... More>


pharmacy week

Novation Celebrates ASHP’s Pharmacy Week by Offering Webinar Series

Novation is joining in the celebration of The American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) “National Hospital & Health System Pharmacy Week” by offering a complimentary webinar series for hospital pharmacy staff Oct. 18-24. ASHP’s annual event was developed to recognize the contributions of hospital pharmacists and pharmacy technicians who… More >
Video chat with doctor

VHA’s Webinar Series: “Strategies to Optimize Pharmacy Performance”

More and more pharmacy leaders are being tasked with managing clinical and financial outcomes related to medication management across their health system. In addition, pharmacy leaders are facing bigger challenges resulting from today’s industry issues. Some examples include 340B compliance, rising pharmaceutical costs, quality and safety imperatives and reduced… More >

Service Line


Enlist Physicians During the Clinical-Quality Value Analysis Process

Today, physicians want to be engaged members of an organization’s communication and collaboration framework. This is a key message in the Healthcare Finance News article, “Clinical integration can lead to cost reduction,” that features VHA’s Zee Robertson, senior director of performance ... More>
Project management

VHA’s Project Management Office Can Deliver Clinical, Financial and Operational Efficiencies for You

Do you have visibility into all cost reduction initiatives underway at this moment in your organization? Or, have you ever discovered two similar programs in progress, but one is running better than the other? If you are not satisfied with the answers to these questions, as was the case for the… More >

Supply Chain


VHA Helps DCH Health Save More Than $5 Million in Supply Costs

DCH Health System faced potential reductions of more than $20 million from some familiar culprits: the Affordable Care Act, general reimbursement reductions, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid audit program take-backs and new pension funding requirements. Nina Dusang, ... More>
Joe Arruda

C-speak: Insights from VHA to Talk the Talk

By Joe Arruda, vice president, new business development-sales, Novation The level of change taking place within the health care industry creates no shortage of perspectives on how it should be managed. However, there is one topic where there is clear agreement: “clean data” is a requirement for success. From that point… More >
  • Reconciliation Effort with ACA Changes Moves Forward in the House

    Washington-Update-72On Oct. 23, the House of Representatives approved a legislative package that would make dramatic changes to the Affordable Care Act (ACA). The bill, which moved through a procedural process known as reconciliation, would eliminate the ACA’s employer and individual mandates, the so-called “Cadillac tax” on high-value health insurance plans and… More >

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